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Rules of IM²C (Singapore)

All teams and schools participating in the IM²C (Singapore) must abide by the following rules.

A team may consist of up to four secondary/junior high or JC/senior high students, enrolled in the same school. The majority of the team members should be Singaporeans or Singapore Permanent Residents.

  • Each school is permitted to submit only 1 team, except for Mixed Level schools (with secondary/junior high and JC/senior high students) which can submit up to 2 teams. Each student may only join 1 team.

  • The challenge runs during a specified period each year. The dates and times for the period each year are fixed and announced on this website.

  • Team advisors must ensure that no alterations of any kind are made after the end of the five-day period. Team reports must be collected from students and submitted before the end of the five-day period through this website.

  • A signed Parental/Guardian Permission form must be included for each participating student. Schools should retain the original signed forms and submit a digit copy of the signed forms to the organisers at the address below.

    International Mathematical Modelling Challenge
    c/o Raffles Girls' School
    Attn: Mr Koh King Koon


  • All decisions made by the Singapore judging panel of the IM²C (Singapore) are final.


Very Important!

When participating in the International Mathematical Modelling Challenge, teams are required to comply with the following expectations:

  1. Teams may use any inanimate source of data, materials, computers, software, references, websites, books, etc. However, all sources must be credited.

  2. Teams may not use any person (other than team members) to discuss or obtain ideas for solving their problem nor may they seek help in obtaining an answer from the team's advisor or anyone else.

Any team that discusses the problem with anyone in a position to supply them with information reflecting experience or professional expertise will be disqualified. The relevant issue is one of intent: each team of students is expected to develop all of its substantive analysis without the help of others.

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